Nostalgic Touch Preset Pack

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These Presets are designed to give you a Film/Cinematic aesthetic for all kinds of photography including Street, Portraiture, Landscape and Automotive without having to spend hours editing your photos.

What's Included?

  • 60+ Lightroom presets compatible with Lightroom for PC/MAC and Lightroom Mobile (BONUS PRESETS ADDED FOR FREE MONTHLY)
  • 20 RAW photos taken by Maciejsphotos to practice your editing
  • 2 Tutorial Videos For PC/MAC and Mobile on how to install and apply the presets to your photography and how I use them day to day in my work

The Nostalgic Touch Preset Pack includes unique presets that are designed to bring your visions to life in any area of photography from street to automotive and speed up your editing workflow.

With just a few clicks, give your photos a nostalgic touch or a cinematic look with Lightroom Presets that will optimize your editing!

Note from Maciejsphotos: These presets really took a long time to develop day after day consistently trying to refine and truly find the styles that I'm super happy with and the results are great for any type of photography, if you love giving your photos a film/cinematic look then this is for you.

You should experiment with these presets and use them however you like, all mostly require adjusting the exposure and temperature sliders to achieve a great result!

I hope you enjoy using these presets and they help you stay consistent with your photography Journey.

As this is a Digital Product it means that it's not returnable and refunds are not offered.

Thank you,

- Maciej

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60 + presets for PC/MAC and Mobile , 20 raw photos to practice your editing and a tutorial video to help you edit your photos.

Lightroom PC/MAC and Mobile
60 + DNG files for Mobile
Lightroom Mobile
2 Tutorial Videos
Explaining how to Install and apply the presets plus some editing tips from me
20 Raw Photographs
Taken by Maciejsphotos to practice your editing.


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Nostalgic Touch Preset Pack

31 ratings
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